Our Team

Joanne Bezzina:

Jo Pilates Web-22

Joanne’s passion for movement and Pilates began as a young dancer. She completed her first training in 2004 and has since immersed herself in continuing education, including trips to the home of Pilates, New York City.

After years of continuing education, Jo was eager to further deepen her Pilates knowledge. Jo was invited onto the Polestar Pilates Australia education team upon her re-certification, and now mentors students and graduates with great passion, sincerity, wisdom and humour.

The mind+body connection is very clear to Jo. She has witnessed her many clients undergo mental and physical transformation whilst teaching them how best to control their bodies. She loves the subtleties of Pilates and how it applies to everyday living, particularly postural improvement and freedom in movement.
Jo is passionate about helping her clients realise their goals, and regards Pilates as an ongoing part of life. The freedom of movement that can be achieved through Pilates has positive outcomes that surpass the physical. Jo uses her love of storytelling and imagery along with her background in massage therapy to help her clients get the most from their sessions – appealing to a wide range of learners. She brings a positive outlook to every session and strives for every client to leave happier, more relaxed and feeling stronger than when they arrived.


Phoebe Birks:

FullSizeRender.jpgPhoebe started teaching Pilates in 2006, after completing her Diploma through Pilates International.

Phoebe understands movement to be a tonic for the body.  Mindful movement helps to restore function to individual joints in the body and helps the skeleton and nervous system work better as a whole. This whole body wellness is what Joseph Pilates was all about, as the body is a vehicle for life.

Originally from a visual arts background, Phoebe completed her BFA in 2002, she has now channeled all of her energy into creative exercising. She enjoys programming to create postural balance and strength. She likes problem solving in a variety of situations and working with individuals to achieve their various goals.

Phoebe has also completed a certification in Stretch Therapy, Vinyasa Yoga and Gyrotonics in recent years. She has always had a keen interest in anatomy and physiology and all things physical. Recently she has been putting her energy and interest towards surfing.

Phoebe is an attentive, positive and experienced teacher and strives to make the Pilates program varied and interesting for her clients. Her goal is to support you on your journey to understanding your body and developing a love of your own practice.

Celine Quentrec:

Celine Quentrec

Celine first turned to Pilates 8 years ago to solve her ongoing lower back pain. She was amazed by the results and how much stronger, flexible and freer Pilates made her feel.

Passionate about the discipline, Celine decided to become a teacher to share all the benefits of Pilates with her future clients. She loves seeing the positive change a regular and mindful practice brings to people’s daily life.

Coming from the corporate world, Celine is fully aware of the effects a desk job has on your body. She can’t wait to start showing you how Pilates can truly help by acquiring better body awareness, posture, strength and above all spine mobility.

Celine is also an avid Latin dancer, especially Bachata. Always happy to share her passion, you can ask her questions or request some good Latin music for your session :) If you are a dancer yourself, she will have the perfect exercises to condition your body so get your dancing skills up.

As Joseph Pilates used to say “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

Michelle Duggan:

IMG_6699Michelle originally trained as a dancer in Sydney and then went on to work professionally in dance companies in Europe and America. After moving to Athens, Greece she met up with a 2nd generation pilates teacher who was offering an intensive apprenticeship in the classical and contemporary methods.

Michelle is a founding member of the Greek Pilates Association and has over 10 years experience teaching. Michelle is now so happy to be back home in Australia and a part of the Sydney Pilates community.”What I love most about teaching is helping people learn how to manage their imbalances and injuries and find their full movement potential”