Welcome to the Studio

Sydney Centred Pilates Studio is a fully equipped boutique studio with a bespoke focus. We offer private and semi private sessions (capped at 3 participants).

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All clients begin their introduction to Pilates with an initial consultation. This time is used to introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates, ascertain your goals and acknowledge any injuries or limitations. We will get your body moving while giving you time to feel the benefit of the movements. Each session after this offers a tailored approach- unlike generic group classes. You can expect a varied experience each visit, working on all of the traditional Pilates apparatus within the session.

EVERY BODY can benefit from Pilates. It is a unique system of stretching and strengthening which is designed to condition and elongate your entire body. Pilates creates awareness of functional movement and correct body mechanics. Using combined breath with fluid movement, Pilates will strengthen the deep core muscles and relieve tension and stress.

“We pride ourselves on working with the whole person (rather than a collection of muscles and bones). We teach you to use your body in the most efficient way possible.”

The Sydney Centred Pilates team is a group of highly experienced, caring and motivated practitioners with a keen eye for detail. We love Pilates and want to pass this on to you. With the studio owner, Joanne Bezzina at the helm, each instructor receives regular mentoring and feedback ensuring that you will be in very good hands with whomever you see.

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Working with a contemporary Pilates approach, the Sydney Centred Pilates team has a responsive teachingstyle. We have supported many women through pregnancy and after the birth of their children. We challenge our clients to improve their freedom of movement and sporting prowess. We enjoy working with the elderly to maintain current fitness and prevent falls. We work collaboratively with allied health practitioners to facilitate speedy recovery post surgery and in the post-acute phase of spinal injury.  Jo and the team have witnessed their many clients mental and physical transformation through Pilates.

We are passionate about helping our clients realise their goals and regard Pilates as an ongoing part of life. With an ever expanding schedule, we offer appointments before work, throughout the day and in the evening, Monday to Friday. We can’t wait to meet you!