Initial Consultation                                    $120Jo Preggo Pilates Web-22
All clients begin their introduction to Pilates with an initial consultation (even if you have done Pilates before).
This time is used to introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates, ascertain your goals and acknowledge any injuries or limitations. We will get your body moving while giving you time to feel the benefit of the movements.

Introductory Semi Private Package         $210
Initial consultation and two semi private sessions
Introductory Private Package                  $310
Initial consultation and two private sessions

Semi Private sessions are a convenient way of utilising all of the Pilates apparatus while splitting the cost and attention amongst others. No need to organise the other people in your session- just pick a time that suits you and we’ll look after the rest.

Casual Semi Private                                        $55
5 Semi Privates                                               $245  (6 week expiry)
10 Semi Privates                                             $490  (12 week expiry)
20 Semi Privates                                             $865  (18 week expiry- this option is reserved for clients with two or more recurring appointments booked each week. Sessions may be shared amongst immediate family members).

Private sessions allow all the attention to be on you. Whether this is to rehabilitate after injury or to accelerate your progress you can be assured that every detail will be noticed in a private session.

Casual Private session                                    $110 Jo Preggo Pilates Web-59
3 private sessions                                            $310  (4 week expiry)
5 private sessions                                            $495  (6 week expiry)
10 private sessions                                           $975 (12 week expiry)