Frequently Asked Questions

Why the weird name?

The exercise methodology (originally named ‘Contrology’) was named after Joseph Pilates. After recovering from his childhood ailments including asthma through his dedication to exercise he was compelled to create his own system. Developed during the first world war while interned as an enemy alien on the Isle of Mann, Joseph Pilates used the springs from the hospital beds to create resistance.

Joseph met his wife Clara on the voyage to New York City in 1926 and together they shaped the modality as we know it today. Sharing a premises with the New York City Ballet, many of Joe and Clara’s first students were ballet dancers. Mr Pilates went on to teach for many years following and died in 1967.

Is Pilates for men too?

Absolutely! Pilates is for everybody. The use of the spring resistance means that we can control the challenge point for all different body types. Whether you are short or tall, flexible or inflexible, male or female the method will work for you.

So how do I get started?

All new clients to Sydney Centred Pilates Studio begin with an initial consultation. We use this appointment to find out more about you. Your lifestyle, interests, exercise history and goals are important for us to understand. We pride ourselves on teaching the whole person as they are that day- every session. The initial consultation allows us time to understand your learning style and observe the way your body responds to the movements and the apparatus. If you are managing a chronic condition or recovering from an injury, the initial consultation also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable.

Sydney Centred Pilates is a collaborative space where we work together to have your body function as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals.

How long do the sessions last?Study Group Photos

Each session (including the initial consultation) last for one hour.

What should I wear?

Please wear something comfortable and easy to move in for your sessions. If you are not fond of tights, consider your underwear carefully. Please avoid wearing shorts or tights with zippers on the back. We are happy for you to work barefoot in our studio. Baby wipes are provided to to freshen your feet if required. If you choose to wear socks, consider grip socks for your safety on the apparatus- we stock these for your convenience.

Do I need to bring anything?

In the summertime we ask that you bring a towel with you if you find that you sweat a lot. We do wipe down the equipment each session so this is not compulsory for all. We also provide glasses for tap water but you are of course welcome to bring your bottle of water along with you. Other than that, just your motivated self!

Do you have changing facilities?

We have a changing room and space to store your belongings.

Can I cancel or reschedule my session? 

Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a late cancellation fee- equivalent to the cost of your class. If you usually purchase a pack this will be deducted. In other circumstances you will be invoiced at the casual rate. Please note: Pilates instructors only get paid for the hours they teach (not a salary). The late cancellation fee allows for consistency of income for your instructor.

Jo Preggo Pilates Web-21I’m pregnant, is it safe to do Pilates?

Pilates is a great way to exercise throughout your pregnancy. With a focus on stability through the pelvis, strengthening of the arms and legs and mobility of the spine you can be assured that our tailored approach will have you feeling safe while still challenged.